The 59 year old virgin, ME!!

I have been busy everyone! It’s been too long since my last blog post, sister Fran has dropped 3 on her site…but there’s been lots going on down here in Venice. PAL (Physicians Advanced Laser Centers) is open and business has been great.  Officially launched on February 1st, my name is on the door of MY OWN bricks and mortar medical practice. Combined with my AskDrBarry Telehealth EVisit practice ( in Florida!), I am back doing what I love – solving problems and teaching my patients! Like James Brown made  famous “I feel good!!”

Football players score touchdowns, baseball players hit home runs, and doctors help people.  It’s what makes me feel whole and right.  As I have told many, this process of putting together my 2 medical practices has been so unbelievably intense – yet at the same time so fulfilling in the creative use of parts of my brain long ago forgotten.

The “59 year old virgin”, (as I have been calling myself) is winding my way through my “dumb doctor” naivety through the business word by purchasing my laser (thanks Astanza!), finding an office (Melissa Csank expert realtor thanks!),  and even purchased matching scrubs for Patty and I (More than thanks to my life partner).

I have to give a huge shoutout to friend and tech/web developer/marketing expert Patrick DeLuca who has been instrumental in all of my business ventures! His Double D Media, Inc. expertise has been irreplaceable – just check out the beautifully done site – his latest creation!

Point is, I am back doing what I love. Tattoos or trauma, sepsis or sore throats, I am here to help.  I am also thrilled to be back doing lots of media;  Kathy and Ike have asked me to continue to join them mornings on mix94.1 in NEO, and you can find me on 1070AM periodically down here in SW Florida doing sports medicine talk with Larry Timko!

Hoping to do more TV as well, SNN (Sarasota News Network) did a story on PAL yesterday, Telehealth story to come! I will make sure to keep everyone posted on the medical issues of the day, as the days go by. Stay with me for the fun ride!! My sister won’t have 3 blogs in before my next….Be well all!

A Matter of Trust

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The first rule in medicine: IT’S ALL ABOUT TRUST.

Many people may not realize that in the ER environment, the doctors you see “work” there.  The doctor’s aren’t paid per patient or procedure.  In many cases we don’t even have a salary.  ER doctors are paid an hourly wage.

Just as any specialized employee, practitioners in the field of emergency medicine are vetted for education and experience, screened, and evaluated prior to them being hired. The best or the worst, experienced or just graduated, board certified or not, they are the doctor “on duty”. Most ER and urgent care doctors are fantastic and we are lucky as a society that the specialty is well established and the training excellent and thorough!

As I have stepped away from the formal “bricks and mortar” ER/urgent care world and reestablished myself in Florida with my telehealth clinic, I find myself developing many unique ways to establish trust with my new and ever growing MEDICAL FAMILY.  I think of each of my patients, Facebook and Twitter followers, video watchers, radio listeners, Periscope viewers, and blog readers as one big family. If I can reach just one person and deliver them the help they need when they need it with the knowledge I possess I know I am helping better the medical care system in this country.

These new digital tools have allowed me to spearhead a growing positive trend in medicine.

My new friends and patients you will begin to see that I am far from your average doctor.  I’ve dealt with more of a variety of trauma and acute care in 30+ years than your average practitioner and have a deep knowledge about everything from the mundane to the critical and – most importantly – how to get you better and healthy.

It is important for me to earn your trust.

I encourage you to post a question, send an email, Facebook message or comment on my page, follow me on Twitter, watch me on Periscope, and listen to me on the radio when I’m on with Larry Timko.

Unlike many doctors nowadays, I will make myself available to you whenever you need it – 24 hours a day, 365 days a year.

I am a doctor you can trust.

Please share with your friends and – most importantly – be well!

What a year!! Forward we go!!!

Wishing the healthiest of holidays for everyone near (very warm here in Venice) and far (various degrees of white Christmas odds) from NEO to Monteviedo…Cape Horn has snow 100%!  It has been so much fun sharing my recent travels and lifestyle changes as I turn the new pages in both my personal life (shift work, NEO snow left behind), and my medical career.  My sabbatical time is over, let’s get back to work! The fulfillment of my long time passion for innovative healthcare delivery has been the establishment of my and associated and telehealth practices, and I am so thrilled and gratified by the response upon my launch. Thanks to all who have taken the FEW MOMENTS to go to the link on my sites for the FREE eVisit app download (50% off 1st consult if signed up before January 1st) which allows you to preregister to “see me when you need me”. In both Ohio and Florida, I am 100% ready to care for the acute care needs of my expanding “MEDICAL FAMILY”. What does THAT mean, anyway…my “MEDICAL FAMILY”…? It really is the key to it all, in fact!!!

As I have developed this concept of acute tele medicine care, I have often told others the best way to view it is to see it for what the present techno savvy world allows!! I can combine my 32 years of expertise in ER and acute care, with the technology available (which can only get better) to care for my expanding “I have a doctor in my family” MEDICAL FAMILY! Rest assured, if you come to me for care, I will treat you like family, and those you refer will be treated the same way!! It’s the only way I know! Teaching will be the foremost ingredient of my practice, THE specialty of TIME; acute care head to toe! The meds will be appropriate and discussed fully, and follow up planned extensively!! I can’t wait to help, but stay well all! Let me know when you need me!! Merry Christmas and the best of the New Year!! (which includes my Bucks beating up the Golden Domers!) Oh yeah, my other practice!!!… Physicians Advanced Laser Center for tattoo removal and modification will launch on January 15th…more on that next year!! 2016, wow!! I still remember waiting for it to be “I’m gonna party like it’s 1999” (Prince of course) in the mid 90’s…crazy