A Matter of Trust

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The first rule in medicine: IT’S ALL ABOUT TRUST.

Many people may not realize that in the ER environment, the doctors you see “work” there.  The doctor’s aren’t paid per patient or procedure.  In many cases we don’t even have a salary.  ER doctors are paid an hourly wage.

Just as any specialized employee, practitioners in the field of emergency medicine are vetted for education and experience, screened, and evaluated prior to them being hired. The best or the worst, experienced or just graduated, board certified or not, they are the doctor “on duty”. Most ER and urgent care doctors are fantastic and we are lucky as a society that the specialty is well established and the training excellent and thorough!

As I have stepped away from the formal “bricks and mortar” ER/urgent care world and reestablished myself in Florida with my telehealth clinic, I find myself developing many unique ways to establish trust with my new and ever growing MEDICAL FAMILY.  I think of each of my patients, Facebook and Twitter followers, video watchers, radio listeners, Periscope viewers, and blog readers as one big family. If I can reach just one person and deliver them the help they need when they need it with the knowledge I possess I know I am helping better the medical care system in this country.

These new digital tools have allowed me to spearhead a growing positive trend in medicine.

My new friends and patients you will begin to see that I am far from your average doctor.  I’ve dealt with more of a variety of trauma and acute care in 30+ years than your average practitioner and have a deep knowledge about everything from the mundane to the critical and – most importantly – how to get you better and healthy.

It is important for me to earn your trust.

I encourage you to post a question, send an email, Facebook message or comment on my page, follow me on Twitter, watch me on Periscope, and listen to me on the radio when I’m on with Larry Timko.

Unlike many doctors nowadays, I will make myself available to you whenever you need it – 24 hours a day, 365 days a year.

I am a doctor you can trust.

Please share with your friends and – most importantly – be well!