The 59 year old virgin, ME!!

I have been busy everyone! It’s been too long since my last blog post, sister Fran has dropped 3 on her site…but there’s been lots going on down here in Venice. PAL (Physicians Advanced Laser Centers) is open and business has been great.  Officially launched on February 1st, my name is on the door of MY OWN bricks and mortar medical practice. Combined with my AskDrBarry Telehealth EVisit practice ( in Florida!), I am back doing what I love – solving problems and teaching my patients! Like James Brown made  famous “I feel good!!”

Football players score touchdowns, baseball players hit home runs, and doctors help people.  It’s what makes me feel whole and right.  As I have told many, this process of putting together my 2 medical practices has been so unbelievably intense – yet at the same time so fulfilling in the creative use of parts of my brain long ago forgotten.

The “59 year old virgin”, (as I have been calling myself) is winding my way through my “dumb doctor” naivety through the business word by purchasing my laser (thanks Astanza!), finding an office (Melissa Csank expert realtor thanks!),  and even purchased matching scrubs for Patty and I (More than thanks to my life partner).

I have to give a huge shoutout to friend and tech/web developer/marketing expert Patrick DeLuca who has been instrumental in all of my business ventures! His Double D Media, Inc. expertise has been irreplaceable – just check out the beautifully done site – his latest creation!

Point is, I am back doing what I love. Tattoos or trauma, sepsis or sore throats, I am here to help.  I am also thrilled to be back doing lots of media;  Kathy and Ike have asked me to continue to join them mornings on mix94.1 in NEO, and you can find me on 1070AM periodically down here in SW Florida doing sports medicine talk with Larry Timko!

Hoping to do more TV as well, SNN (Sarasota News Network) did a story on PAL yesterday, Telehealth story to come! I will make sure to keep everyone posted on the medical issues of the day, as the days go by. Stay with me for the fun ride!! My sister won’t have 3 blogs in before my next….Be well all!