Doctors Aren’t All Alike

Medicine has changed significantly in many ways in my 32 years in practice. One of the primary changes has been the advances of mid level practitioners throughout all fields of care. When I went to medical school at Ohio State, only we medical students were learning the appropriate way to do the proper physical exam, rectal exam included (there is a best way believe it or not!) Only doctors ordered your tests and prescribed your meds for you, we were special in that way…think Marcus Welby for my age group.

Today, however, with the advanced training available for nurses, which can result in full NP certification, as well as the full utilization of the capabilities and training of our Physicians Assistants, there are many who can be there to lead you through the health care system. As a career ER physician, I was proud to lead a great team which included fantastic PA’s and NP’s. No busy ER can function in today’s world without them. I applaud this advance in care, as in general they do a fantastic job, and can fill most roles within primary care! The well trained and caring NP or PA can be a fantastic augmentation to any health care team, and they can and do provide fantastic healthcare. However, there are still differences.

The physician continues to lead the way in didactic education, internship and residency training. Most physicians, as well, are Board Certified in a medical specialty, mine of course is Emergency Medicine; and we need to undergo re-certification every 10 years to maintain our certification! When you see a Board Certified doctor, there is a level of expertise that should not be ignored.

Training is one aspect, experience is just as important. Acute care, ER of course, is a head-to-toe, all body system practice. I like to call it the specialty of time. My training and experience will allow me to not only treat what needs to be treated, but further, to best discuss the timing of your problem!! If you have a 5 second issue (you are choking, your partner has passed out), c’mon man…you know better than that. However, the 5 minute (my left face numbness and slurred speech just started, I have chest pain, etc), to the 5 hour, 5 day, 5 week circumstances can be more subtle.

What I bring to the table for my patients that others don’t, is my combination of dedicated  ER/urgent care training, along with 32 years of caring for and teaching patients the what to do’s, and when to do’s when you are sick or hurt! This is crucial in today’s medical world, as the technology can sometimes be confusing, and answers not always clear. The role of teaching becomes crucial, and as a lifelong communicator, I take pride in my ability to breakdown the issues of treatment and timing tailored to the education levels of my patients! I am thrilled to have found a new and innovative way of doing this: “SEE ME” thru my eVisit site and experience the difference!! I am here for you when you need me…

Dr. Barry Answers “Why AskDrBarry?”

Louis Armstrong (“satchmo” to some) said it best about this WONDERFUL WORLD in which we are privileged to call home. How lucky we are to live in a time of relative peace, societal prosperity, and with the freedom to pursue our individual sources of happiness. Advanced technology has been a marvel to witness for all of us, whether you’re 59 as I am, or my soon to be 3 year old grandson who easily finds his cartoon “Monster Trucks” on his mom’s smartphone on his own in 6 swipes and clicks!! What a wonderful world indeed!!

There are lots of answers to why we’ve created Ask Dr. Barry.  Building this platform has been somewhat akin to climbing Mt Everest, because now we can!  My 32 years of Emergency Medicine practice in NEO were well spent, and I leave it grudgingly behind; with great pride in the lives I touched through both my teaching (students, nurses, and patients), and of course the healing aspect as well. Those times were special, can never be replicated, and for my personal health reasons, won’t be! However, with the fantastic technology of today, I can utilize those 32 years of Emergency Medicine and Urgent Care experience to offer my services, and advice to my patients in a new way!!! Meet “”, and I would like to further introduce my new company – Florida Vacation Telehealth, PA.

Working together with web design guru and marketing wizard Patrick DeLuca and his agency Double D Media, I have created to be there for you when answers are needed to both the simple and not so simple health questions and issues we all face.

Be it the acute fever and sore throat or that painful toe that may be gout (head to toe care), or further that question about a test result or surgical procedure that you want a second opinion on, I want to be there to help. The site will contain many practical tips and videos on the common problems we all face, with the goal of health education (who is contagious, how long, etc), great home care advice to do the right things early to feel better and get better faster, and a game plan for what to do if you don’t get better. This site will be consistently updated with new material, and my (hopefully entertaining) blog.

Very exciting is my new affiliation with eVisit, a fantastic platform, FREE APP, or available on your computer for free of course, which will now allow me to connect from my askDrBarry page with you in a 100% secure, HIPAA compliant platform via video enabled Telemedicine conference visit!! It will be very quick and easy to set up, you will be taken there right from my page, and sent back after you give the demographics we need to serve you. The cost will be well below bricks and mortar urgent care, you can do it from anywhere (well at least OHIO and FLORIDA for now).  So what could be more convenient?  Best of all I am able to help you through any health issue big or small!! WHAT A WONDERFUL WORLD!!

More coming….but it’s so exciting to be living in a world were we can stay connected so seamlessly!!

Be well all.