What a year!! Forward we go!!!

Wishing the healthiest of holidays for everyone near (very warm here in Venice) and far (various degrees of white Christmas odds) from NEO to Monteviedo…Cape Horn has snow 100%!  It has been so much fun sharing my recent travels and lifestyle changes as I turn the new pages in both my personal life (shift work, NEO snow left behind), and my medical career.  My sabbatical time is over, let’s get back to work! The fulfillment of my long time passion for innovative healthcare delivery has been the establishment of my askDrBarry.com and associated SickSnowbird.com and SickonVacation.com telehealth practices, and I am so thrilled and gratified by the response upon my launch. Thanks to all who have taken the FEW MOMENTS to go to the link on my sites for the FREE eVisit app download (50% off 1st consult if signed up before January 1st) which allows you to preregister to “see me when you need me”. In both Ohio and Florida, I am 100% ready to care for the acute care needs of my expanding “MEDICAL FAMILY”. What does THAT mean, anyway…my “MEDICAL FAMILY”…? It really is the key to it all, in fact!!!

As I have developed this concept of acute tele medicine care, I have often told others the best way to view it is to see it for what the present techno savvy world allows!! I can combine my 32 years of expertise in ER and acute care, with the technology available (which can only get better) to care for my expanding “I have a doctor in my family” MEDICAL FAMILY! Rest assured, if you come to me for care, I will treat you like family, and those you refer will be treated the same way!! It’s the only way I know! Teaching will be the foremost ingredient of my practice, THE specialty of TIME; acute care head to toe! The meds will be appropriate and discussed fully, and follow up planned extensively!! I can’t wait to help, but stay well all! Let me know when you need me!! Merry Christmas and the best of the New Year!! (which includes my Bucks beating up the Golden Domers!) Oh yeah, my other practice!!!… Physicians Advanced Laser Center for tattoo removal and modification will launch on January 15th…more on that next year!! 2016, wow!! I still remember waiting for it to be “I’m gonna party like it’s 1999” (Prince of course) in the mid 90’s…crazy

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