I am back!!!

Hi all! I am back from my beautiful and restful travels; and want everyone to know that I am officially OPEN and READY to be your GO TO resource for acute healthcare questions and care! Whether old friend or new, past work associate or new travel contact, or of course even if we have never met before and you have found me otherwise; rest assured, I am eager to address, advise, and YES IN FACT TREAT most of your urgent health care needs.

Thanks to all of you who have preregistered through eVisit,  the easily accessed link to my virtual waiting room 12316323_902502383161660_4248070914131282918_ncontained on this site. While certainly I have no desire for any of you to be ill or injured and need me (or of course your friends or family), at some point…WE ALL KNOW BETTER! ‘Tis the season after all for just about everything!! I am still offering the first eVisit telemedicine consult – whenever that may be needed -for $30 (1/2 the normal $60 fee) if you sign up before January 1, 2016.  So check out the link to eVisit, sign up before you need me, and save on the first time we may need to “meet” again!

Keep an eye on the site for my blog posts (lots of fun!!), and my frequent educational video posts on various healthcare topics. I will now also begin to answer questions on the site now that I am back from the agonizingly slow (one of the few complaints allowed!) cruise ship internet….Be well all, GREAT TO BE HOME! Clicking my red ruby slippers, There’s no place like home indeed!!