The World As I See It

As I am privileged enough to be posting this blog entry from literally the other side of the world, many things are so strikingly obvious.

What a beautiful planet we reside on – the natural beauty of the sea and the vast nature of the water.  Both are hard to appreciate until you are fully surrounded and engulfed within it. The thought of what lies below is a metaphor for life itself, almost beyond one’s capability  to imagine the wonders. The land forms which arise from the sea are equally glorious, sometimes appearing without reason to expect their presence (the Falklands, Easter Island, etc) and of course the main 7 continents serving as the anchor for our existence on this Goldilocks zone we call Earth; under the sun’s radiant warmth.

On this level, every beating heart brings equality to who we are in this celestial dance. As I cruise onward towards the bottom of the earth, it’s important to realize how similar we all are, we have the heartbeat….that human spirit. Only we humans have the ability to appreciate this gift given to us from whoever or whatever you believe has granted it to us! It is not to be ignored or wasted away!!

Not all of us can be lucky enough to sail to the tip of the planet. I know how fortunate I am to experience it. I hope I can relate a few of my experiences to you thru my video posts, and I hope to carry this unique experience forward with a renewed spirit of teaching and caring.

On this cruise are people from all over the world, many of them world travelers with far more experience than I.  So willing to share their past travels, their stories incite both a desire to see more, and also a desire to share what I have seen with others.

Most striking to me has been the interest of others in my past 32 years as an Emergency Physician, a journey unto itself! My life stories and journey have not been to unique places in location, just to the unique circumstances of our American healthcare experience. What I felt to be routine and mundane after 32 years, absolutely fascinates and interests others far more than I could ever imagine.  So I have had something to share with these worldly travelers as well, much to my surprise!

So onward I will go, my stories will be told, other stories will be heard, stored and shared with others! Good to be alive!! I will be getting back to some more healthcare related topics as we go, but the message for today is simple enough! Look around, look closely, share what you see, listen to others. We all have the ability to create our own reality, PLUS the value in our stories to make other’s reality more colorful and real!! Never underestimate your value on this planet! We are all here for a reason!! We all only have one chance at greatness, however it becomes available to us every single day of our lives!!  Be well all, see you soon!!