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L. FISHER (anonymous)

Do you treat migraine headaches or chronic back pain?

Dr. Barry Gordon answered
Dr. Barry Gordon 244 Rep.

Thanks for asking. We can certainly assist with both problems, but I will not be prescribing narcotics or sedatives via telehealth visits. NSAID medications, or a short course of prednisone (steroids) can be very appropriate, as well as muscle relaxers and physical therapy of course. I am happy to discuss MRI results and other 2nd opinion issues, Work notes for 3 days are always available if needed.

Migraines, likewise without narcotics, can be treated and advice delivered. There are many appropriate meds that can be used to both prevent and treat migraines. The important factor is in the making of the appropriate diagnosis, migraines are a specific type of vascular headache, often confused with muscular tension, sinus pressure or other causes. Of course, persistent headaches, or a thunderclap “worst headache I have ever had” type of headache merits workup in the appropriate time frame, minutes for the thunderclap!, with your doctor for the persistent to rule out tumor or other causes>

Dr. Barry Gordon answered
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